Are you considering a big move in the near future? You probably should consider renovating your house to increase its market value. Home renovations can be costly and a bit of a construction nightmare, but with our 5 tips you should be in renovation heaven in no-time.

#1 Start With a Plan

Without a clear plan and objectives, you’ll have nowhere to begin. Decide which spaces are a priority and should be tackled first. Don’t leave any detail out; colors, tiles, flooring, paint, the more detailed your plan the more detailed the budget.

#2 Do it Zone-by-Zone

Don’t try to do the whole house at once. Decide beforehand which part you would like to start on and then work from there. For instance, if you decide to start in the kitchen, complete it before moving on to the guest toilet and so on. This ensures your whole house is not a mess and still functioning during the process.

#3 Everyone Loves a Clean House

Yes, a potential buyer is more likely to warm up to a house that is kept and maintained than a property that is overgrown with weeds, paint cracking all over, and dirty. Make an effort to clean the yard and garden, the house should be tidy and clean and ultimately well-maintained.

#4 Improve the Street View

When buyers come to visit this is the first impression they will get. Make sure your outer walls have a new coat of paint, as well as the roof. The garden should be tidy and kept. Buyers should be able to see that the current owners are keeping their hand on the property. Remember, first impressions count!

#5 Minor Improvements Makes a Difference

Short on cash? Not able to commit to a complete overhaul? No problem! Simply do minor improvements in and around the house. Small things like mowing your lawn and fixing obvious faults month-by-month as your finances allow it will make a big difference in your property value.

Whether you just want to increase the value of your house of aim to sell it within the next year or so, these 5 tips should get you started straight away!